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The Terragenome project has launched a survey to capture the most popular descriptors for describing microbial studies of soils.

Take the survey here: Soil Metadata Survey for Microbial Studies

Background taken from the survey website:

The purpose of this survey is to determine what data about soil is believed to be important to accompany microbial molecular data entered into major databases, e.g GenBank, EMBL, RDP. The value of this metadata is to enable a search of the data for particular features and for determining relationships among soil features and molecular data over more global data sets. We are surveying the soil biology community to gain this assessment and then will work with the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) and the Environmental Ontology Consortium to ensure that soil data will be properly considered along with the metadata from other environments.

–from Jim Tiedje, Michigan State University, as an initiative
of the Genomic Standards Consortium and the new
International Soil Metagenome Consortium (Terragenome)


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The Microarray and Gene Expression (MGED) Society, is calling for an effort to develop standards for exchanging ultra-high throughput sequencing (UHTS) data.

Dawn Field will be attending the workshop to represent the GSC.

Guy Cochrane will be there to represent the EBI Short Read Trace Archive.

Susanna-Assunta Sansone, a member of the MGED Board, will also be there.

UPDATED: Oct 8: the resulting proposal is now found at the MGED MINSEQE working group homepage

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