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A new mashup function has been added to the Genome Catalogue that combines content from sites including NCBI Genome Project, PubMed, Flickr and even YouTube video!

You can either enter your own search term, or else link to the Query the Web page from one of the genome reports contained in the Genome Catalogue.

Here is an example query for Streptococcus:



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The rhesus macaque monkey (Macaca mulatta) genome was described in the 13th April issue of Science Magazine.

Genome report for Macaca mulatta:

http://darwin.nox.ac.uk/gsc/ gcat/report/002485_GCAT/html

Genome wiki page:

http://darwin.nerc-oxford.ac.uk/gc_wiki/index.php/ /gcat/report/002485_GCAT/html

Genome mashup for macaque genome:

http://darwin.nox.ac.uk/gsc/gcat /mashup?query=macaque%20genome,  returned the following three videos from YouTube:

Macaque Genome video part I

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